Running Away/Homelessnes

Running Away

Almost everyone thinks about running away from home at some time. When you're feeling bad about your life, when you want most of all to do something - anything to change the way things are going - that is a time when it is hard to think very clearly. Talk it out with someone who will listen.

It is very important to work together with your parents in solving the problem. If you and your parents have tried talking it out and running away still seems like the best answer, run to a safe place. It's harder than you think to make it on your own. Even streetwise people risk being used, getting ripped off or being hurt.

There are emergency services available for runaways and youth having family problems. Emergency shelter offer free, safe housing and someone to help you talk things out and decide what to do.

For a service that relays messages between runaways and their families without pointing the blame at any body, call the National Runaway Hotline, (800)231-6946.


A youth under 21 years of age who has lost family support, been thrown out of their home, or who has no permanent home to go to, is considered a homeless youth. Often youth in this situation have no one to depend on for emotional and financial support and must learn independent living skills to be successful on their own. Youth who are living from place to place with no permanent means of financial and emotional support, and no guardian to care for them are considered homeless. There are programs to assist youth who are homeless find shelter, food, clothing, and other means necessary services. They can also assist youth in learning the necessary skills to live successfully on their own. If you or someone you know is homeless and needs help, call:

The following organizations will provide information and/or assistance (click on the agency's name for more information):

Salvation Army - Canandaigua
Teens on Friday nights; also sponsor occasional roller blade events and dances.

Geneva Salvation Army
Provides programming for youths and adults including volunteer and community service work and recreational activities.

(800)310-1160 or TDD: (585)275-2700
Lifeline provides a variety of support and referral services including access to other agencies.

Community Action Partnership
Provide assistance to families regarding homelessness, domestic violence, educational advocacy.

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