When things go wrong, people often need the assistance of a professional counselor to help them identify strengths, consider options, assess choices and break away from old behavior patterns. Professional, confidential counseling helps individuals, couples and families cope with the pressures of today's world.

Counseling can help you change many of your uncomfortable feelings into more comfortable ones. Other times, people talk with counselors to help them with decisions they are trying to make or problems they are trying to solve. Through counseling, you learn to better understand your feelings. What's more, counselors treat your conversations as special and private. Only in emergency situations (child abuse or threats of suicide/homicide) would a counselor need to report to someone else something you said.

When do I need Counseling?

If things you are feeling or doing begin to interfere with your normal everyday activities, you may need counseling. The following are signs you may need support.

  • Sudden changes in mood or behavior
  • Depression - feeling unhappy for a long time
  • Anxiety - strong feelings of fear or nervousness
  • Physical aches and pains that have no known physical cause
  • Dropping grades

Who does Counseling?

The best helper for you is someone who won't put you for your feelings. Sometimes friends or relatives can help by listening to your problems and not judging you.

Sometimes problems seem too hard or too personal to share with someone close. In that case, it's smart to talk things through with a counselor. The counseling might be done individually or in a group.

The following provide counseling services, many geared specifically for youth. When you call ask about needing parental permission for services, whether there is a fee and how much, and how to make an appointment.

The following organizations will provide information and/or assistance (click on the agency's name for more information):

AIDS Rochester Inc.
Provides case management and education regarding HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases as well as prevention education and referrals.

Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes
Various counseling and educational programs, including parenting programs.

Migrant Education and Outreach Program
Provides academic tutoring, English as a second language, advocacy, career and educational counseling.

Family Counseling Service of the Finger Lakes
(315)789-2613 or (877)789-2613 toll free
Individual counseling, family counseling, play therapy, sexual abuse assessment and treatment, Hispanic youth groups.

FLACRA - Finger Lakes Alcoholism Counseling and Referral Agency
Outpatient counseling and detoxification for those aged 14 and older.

Happiness House Finger Lakes Cerebral Palsy Association
The agency provides a variety of programs for pre-school children, including pre-school, child care, universal pre-kindergarten, developmental evaluations, special education, therapies and a summer recreational program.

Ontario County Mental Health Center
The center provides psychotherapy, group treatment, family treatment and case management for those with a treatable mental health diagnosis.

Rape and Abuse Crisis Service of the Finger Lakes
(315)781-1093 or Hotline: (800)247-7273
The agency provides a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention, counseling, medical and legal assistance for people involved in rape or abuse.

Marcus Whitman Central School School Resource Officer
585-554-6441 Ext. 1950
Mediate disputes between students. Assist the administration with the investigation of violations of the school Code of Conduct. Assist with review, amendment and implementation of the District Emergency Plan and other safety related issues. Investigate violations of the NYS Penal Law and make subsequent arrests / referrals to Youth Court and/or other resources.

Thompson Health
(585) 396-6497
We primarily provide education, but give contact numbers and instructor email addresses to students in the class, and will handle 1:1 issues directly, or provide appropriate resources as needed.

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