Voting is your right as a citizen of the U.S. By exercising your right to vote, you can support issues and ideas you believe in. If your child sees you vote, they may be more likely to exercise their right to vote when they become of age.

If you are 18, a U.S. citizen and have been a resident of Ontario County for 30 days before an election, you are entitled to vote, but you must be registered in advance. To register, you must fill out a registration form and send or bring the completed form to the County Election Commissioner's Office. You may designate a party, either Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Conservative.

If you or your child wants information concerning government, current legislation or how to become involved in political action, contact

Conservative Party of Ontario County, (718)921-2158
Democratic Committee of Ontario County, (585)394-2570
League of Women Voters, (585)396-4005
Libertarian Party of Ontario County, (585)377-6639
Ontario County Board of Elections, (585)396-4005
Republican Committee of Ontario County, (518)462-2601

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