Ontario County has a variety of means of transportation available to youth and adults--cars, bicycles, buses, walking. Some areas of the community have more resources than others.

If you are a parent you may know too well the hassle of transporting your child to and from their friends, the mall or after school activities. If your child works, transportation becomes even more of a time commitment. Help your child to explore alternative means of transportation or share rides with friends and neighbors. You may want to approach other parents about developing a car pool to shared activities. It is important to help your child plan ahead for getting to and from activities. Remember, car accidents are the leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults. Relying on chance for a safe ride home may not be wise.

If you are a person working with youth, be aware of their limitations around independent travel/ transportation. Try to schedule activities, location and time convenient to youth using public transportation or relying upon family members to transport them. If it is an ongoing activity, help youth to share rides. It's a great way to build a team and develop good problem solving skills.


  • County Area Transit System (C.A.T.S.), (585)394-2250
  • Catholic Charities of the Finger Lakes, (315)789-2686
  • Greyhound Bus Lines - Geneva, (315)789-2582
  • Greyhound Bus Lines - Canandaigua, (585)394-1620
  • Amtrak Reservation, (800)872-7245
  • Amtrak Rochester, (585)454-2894
  • Amtrak East Syracuse, (315)477-1152
Taxi Cabs
  • Canandaigua Cab, (585)394-9370
  • Newark - Palmyra Taxi, (315)331-2200 or (585)597-2544
  • Newark Taxi, (315)331-1500
  • Pat's Taxi Service, (585)394-1620
  • The Other Taxi, (315)789-5625
  • Tom's Taxi, (585)396-0770
  • Greene's Taxi, (315)539-2111
  • Hometown Taxi, (315)789-0313

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