It is very important for a young woman to have someone to trust and offer support when she is facing the possibility of being pregnant. This may be a parent, a counselor, an adult friend or a peer. If a young woman thinks she is pregnant, it is important to find out immediately. It's important to have a pregnancy test in a medical setting. Tests done with kits at home are not always accurate. The young woman will need to speak with someone she feels she can trust and can support her to receive the medical attention she needs, and later to problem-solve with her if the pregnancy test is positive.

As a parent or adult, it is important for you to be calm and supportive. This is not a time to place blame, be judgmental, seek sympathy, or punish. Counseling and support services are available whether the pregnancy test is positive or negative. Discussion and effective problem solving can prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the future. (See Sexuality and Birth Control.)

Pregnancy testing and counseling are available at the following clinics. Parental permission is not required. Call for hours, cost, and to find out if an appointment is needed.

If you need additional medical insurance coverage or a referral for pre-natal care, you can contact Medicaid Expanded Eligibility for Pregnant Women (for health care, when pregnant) (585)396-4060.

Self-administered pregnancy tests, professional referrals when called for and individualized services.

Child and Family Resources
Early childhood programs, growing with baby, parent education (including young parents), babysitter training.

Finger Lakes WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
(585)394-9240 or (888)942-6886 toll-free
WIC provides nutrition information and supplemental foods for 0-5 year olds and pre-natal, breast feeding and postpartum women.

Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region
Sexually transmitted disease testing for men and women; birth control; counseling; pregnancy tests, women's reproductive health.

Pregnancy Care Center of the Finger Lakes
Free pregnancy testing; counseling and referrals; material aid, baby clothes, items and maternity clothes; abstinence counseling and support; education on fetal development, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases.

Thompson Health
(585) 396-6497
We primarily provide education, but give contact numbers and instructor email addresses to students in the class, and will handle 1:1 issues directly, or provide appropriate resources as needed.

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