Keeping Kids and Families
From Falling Through the Cracks

The Falling Through the Cracks Committee, sponsors of FLKids.com, provides a service to Ontario County children and families who have problems, needs or concerns which they feel need to be addressed but which aren't serious enough to involve them in the social service or juvenile justice system.

This web site provides direct access to information about the agencies and services available to Ontario County residents.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions about this site, send an e-mail to the webmaster.


This web site, FLKids.com, was funded by a grant from New York State acquired by Assemblyman Brian Kolb on behalf of the Falling Through the Cracks Committee in Ontario County.

Additional assistance in the web site's creation was provided through a grant from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, to the Ontario County Alternatives to Incarceration Office, for the purpose of establishing the Ontario County Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition. Through the collaborative efforts of the Coalition, the Ontario County Youth Bureau, the Ontario County Workforce Development office and the Falling Through The Cracks committee, these manuals were developed to become a comprehensive where-to-go guide for youth and families.

Special thanks go to Johanna Dunkel, Kathleen Huggins, Jennifer Johnson and Jonathan Landry for their hard work and dedication in researching the information contained in the manuals. The project also was assisted by the Monroe County Youth Bureau, which allowed the Ontario County Youth Bureau to use its manual as a guide.

To inquire about obtaining printed copies of these manuals, contact either the Ontario County Alternatives to Incarceration office at (585)396-3061 or the Ontario County Youth Bureau at (585)396-4035 or by e-mail at either virginia.gumaer@co.ontario.ny.us or patricia.damico@co.ontario.ny.us.

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